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Hi everyone I'm new and this community looks cool! I want to nominate my friend allyangel for nicest user because:
-She gave me the code for this journal. She had to write a 2 paragraph essay to get it!
-She has always been there for me, when I'm sad about something she comforts me, when I'm mad she helps me calm down, and if I do something good or get something cool, she won't get jealous, she'll be happy for me!
-I recently went to the hospital to get an operation, and I was really scared because it was my first one and it was a really risky one. She came to the hospital and visited me for a really long time, and got me balloons, presents, and a lot of emotional support. She also organized a big get well party for me once I came home!
-All around, she is just a really nice person.....she is nice to everyone even if theyre not really her friend.

I also wanna nominate her for most artistic! She is very musical, because she plays violin, viola, cello, and piano, all very well! She is always practicing, going to lessons wednesday and sunday, she is in a quartet (her uncle is even in a proffesional must run in the family :)) which meets on friday, and this summer went to a 4 week sleepaway music camp!! And she has written music and I've seen it its good. She is also really good at writing and art (like drawing and painting and that kind of art) - she won a lot of awards for that!

so thats 2. thanks!
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