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Best Community Award [28 Jun 2010|06:27pm]

I would like to nominate sk_crime  for the best community award. Why it's awesomeCollapse )

sk_crime  is run by sk_swing , who should also win the all round wonderful award. Her journal is comprised of fanfiction and personal stuff that both moves me to tears and laughter. Her diversity as a writer is formidable.

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[09 Jun 2008|04:08pm]

I'd like to nominate [info]baronmind for being All Around Wonderful.   He never fails to entertain with quirky randomness, and he's a super interesting person. 

He's had his Alice in Wonderland (<--- see, Wonderland - Wonderful - it works, right?) theme for quite awhile, but he revamps the look regularly. 

However, based in part on this post:  http://baronmind.livejournal.com/402873.html  I think I'll also nominate for the Comedy/Comedian Award.

And what the heck since I get three shots I'll throw him in as a nomination for
Weirdest User.  Depends on your sense of humor, but I'm sure some folks would qualify him thusly!

Thanks for listening.  Seriously - he's awesome. 


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bitmap, vector & pixelate icons [10 Feb 2007|09:13pm]

we're trying to search LJ users, who is interested in icons for web, software etc.
if you the one, Welcome!

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Nomination [27 Sep 2005|08:03am]

I'd like to nominate Accio_cowbell for most obsessed...WITH BROADWAY!

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[26 Jul 2005|04:43pm]

promoCollapse )

2 bribes::bribe a judge
NOMINATION [14 Jun 2005|10:50pm]

[ mood | content ]

I would like to nominate myself ( tobey_babey ) for Best Layout

Thank you! <3

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[30 Nov 2003|02:09pm]

im nominating myself for best mood theme

whole theme is here

2 bribes::bribe a judge
[20 Oct 2003|03:15am]
i'd like to nominate myself for best icons and best layout.

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[18 Oct 2003|09:54pm]

Hey there everyone. i just wanted to make a quick post so everyone knows i'm new :) My name is Aimee and i love tweaking my journal constantly. when i was on ujournal i've won best icon and best bio. so i hope i can do just as well on here.
much love to all

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[13 Oct 2003|10:20am]

Id like to nominate myself, stupefiant for Best Layout.

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:D [17 Oct 2003|11:53am]

[ mood | amused ]

I'd like to nominate myself for most artistic. My "friends only" image
also on deviantart

I draw alot of

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<a [...] http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/3421994/">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

I'd like to nominate myself for <b>most artistic</b>. My "<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/kawaiikitty/71327.html">friends only</a>" image
also on <a href="http://kawaiikitty.deviantart.com/">deviantart</a>

I draw alot of <a href=""http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/3421994/">inside joke comics</a> and quick sketches

Creating a <b>manga</b> at the momenttt
<b>Kameko Neko</b> [Kameko means long life, and Neko of course means cat]
Cover page: <a href="http://www.deviantart.com/view/3449606/">click here</a>
<b>Description:</b> <i>A cat swaps bodies with a female girl, and now has to deal with all the stresses of being a regular teenage girl. Kameko's owner [name is unknown still] guides Kameko along, showing her how to be a regular girl while trying to figure out how to be a cat [after eating delicious foods all your life how can you live off catfood???] Her owner's friend [unnamed, based off Zac because that would just be hilarious] learns of the secret and tries to lend his help.

Life as a girl isn't as easy as it seems, but neither is being a cat!!!</i>


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[20 Oct 2003|11:24am]
Id like to vote myself for best layout.

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[30 Sep 2003|08:39am]

[ mood | determined ]

I would like to nominate kakyou_kuzuki for Best Icons. Ok Thanks!

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:) [29 Sep 2003|09:11pm]

i'd like to nominate myself for best mood theme!

yeyyyy! :) thanks.

a tiny edit to the post...

just wanted to add a link to a page where you can view ALL of the moods at once!!!!!!! they're supposed to be masks, that look like cartoon versions of me :-D yey! here's a linkee!

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[29 Sep 2003|03:02pm]

I nominate thecoveted for Best Community.

bribe a judge
[28 Sep 2003|07:58pm]

I'd like to nominate myself for Best Mood Theme

Thank you.

bribe a judge
[28 Sep 2003|03:40pm]

i would like to nominate myself for best layout :)

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Hello!! [28 Sep 2003|03:32pm]

Hi everyone I'm new and this community looks cool! I want to nominate my friend allyangel for nicest user because:
-She gave me the code for this journal. She had to write a 2 paragraph essay to get it!
-She has always been there for me, when I'm sad about something she comforts me, when I'm mad she helps me calm down, and if I do something good or get something cool, she won't get jealous, she'll be happy for me!
-I recently went to the hospital to get an operation, and I was really scared because it was my first one and it was a really risky one. She came to the hospital and visited me for a really long time, and got me balloons, presents, and a lot of emotional support. She also organized a big get well party for me once I came home!
-All around, she is just a really nice person.....she is nice to everyone even if theyre not really her friend.

I also wanna nominate her for most artistic! She is very musical, because she plays violin, viola, cello, and piano, all very well! She is always practicing, going to lessons wednesday and sunday, she is in a quartet (her uncle is even in a proffesional quartet...it must run in the family :)) which meets on friday, and this summer went to a 4 week sleepaway music camp!! And she has written music and I've seen it its good. She is also really good at writing and art (like drawing and painting and that kind of art) - she won a lot of awards for that!

so thats 2. thanks!

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